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Refracture Reorientation Enhances Gas Production in Barnett Shale Tight Gas Wells (SPE 63030)

Refracturing can be used to increase production in poorly fractured wells. A different application of this technology is to refracture wells with strong initial fractures. In this paper, we provide evidence of increased production due to refracturing two tight gas wells having deeply penetrating initial fractures. Surface tiltmeter measurements show refracture orientations at oblique angles to the azimuth of the initial fractures.

Author(s): B.M. Davidson; Carbo Ceramics, E. Siebrits, J.L. Elbel, R.S. Hoover, Schlumberger; I.R. Diyashev, Schlumberger Holditch-RT; L.G. Griffin, N.P. Steinsberger, Mitchell Energy Corp.; D.G. Hill, GRI, S.L. Demetrius; C.A. Wright; Pinnacle Technologies Inc.

Paper Number: SPE 63030

URL: https://www.onepetro.org/conference-paper/SPE-63030-MS


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