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Rejuvenation of 30-Year-Old McAllen Ranch Field – An Application of Cross-Functional Team Management (SPE 24872)


Gas production has been increased by 250% in the McAllen Ranch Field.  75 fracs and/or refracs performed.  This study highlights a well refractured in 1991, resulting in production increasing from 150 mcfd to 1000 mcfd, a 6.7 fold-of-increase.    GRI later estimated 1.7 BCF reserves added by this treatment, which demonstrates the redevelopment opportunities in mature gas fields.


This case history overview describes the application of crossfunctional team management in redevelopment of a 30-year-old south Texas gas field. Multidisciplinary cooperation and synergism were emphasized, and efforts focused on a common team goal. The results have been extraordinary; all areas have shown significant improvement, including gas production, which is up by more than 250%.

Author(s): SPE, SPE, A.J. Durrani, B.M. Escovedo, William Ordemann, J.A. Bickley, B.J. Tepper, and J.M. Simon, Shell Western E&P Inc.

Paper Number: SPE 24872

URL: https://www.onepetro.org/journal-paper/SPE-24872-PA


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