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Revitalization Of The Pembina (JCPT 92-09-08)


Occidental performed 83 fracture treatments in the mature Pembina field.  Over time, frac size has increased from 25 tons in gelled crude to 50-70 tonnes of 20/40 sand in polyemulsion fluids. The average payout was one year, with incremental reserves per job of 2130 m3.  64 of 83 fracs were considered successful, with no measurable increase in WOR.  Restimulation of existing wells had stronger economics than infill drilling."


Over the past eight years, 1981 to mid-989, Canadian Occidental has invested $16,300,000 in the revitalization of the company's Pembina properties. A total of$3,800,000 was invested in 83 fracture stimulations yielding an average payout period of just over one year and incremental reserves per job of 2130 m3. The stimulated wells are currently producing 45 m3/day of incremental oil yielding $1,650,000/year of additional revenue/or the Pembina operation. A total of $12,500,000 was invested in 33 infill wells and their associated facilities. The infill wells have an average payout period of 2.5 years and the estimated incremental reserves per well of 10 930 m3. The infill wells are currently producing 80 m3/day of incremental oil yielding $2,000,000/year of additional revenue. Canadian Occidental's program has increased the current annual revenue to $5,550,000 from an estimated $1,900,000 if none of the work had been Carried out. The increase is significant considering the majority of the work has achieved payout. The work carried out by Canadian Occidental ensures continued profitability and life from the field in the future.

Author(s): Russell Krasey And Marc Jackson, Canadian Occidental Petroleum Ltd.

Paper Number: JCPT 92-09-08

URL: https://www.onepetro.org/journal-paper/PETSOC-92-09-08


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