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Screenless Tip-Screenout Fracturing: A Detailed Examination of Recent Experience (SPE 71653)


Texaco operates 5800 producing wells in the Kern River Field. The results of 500 fracture treatments performed in 1998-2000 were thoroughly reviewed by Fan et al.  Overall, TSO fracturing was shown to nearly triple the average oil production.


Texaco has been conducting screenless tip-screenout fracture to stimulate production in the Kern River field of California. During 1998-2000, more than 500 fracture treatments were pumped in some 200 wells. These treatments caused average oil production to nearly triple. This paper documents the results of the tip-screenout fracture treatments conducted over the past three years and presents a statistical analysis to determine how the production response is related to the treatment parameters. The goal was to identify the conditions that on average lead to the optimum production response.

Author(s): Y. Fan, M.D. Looney, J.A. Jones, Texaco Inc.

Paper Number: SPE 71653

URL: https://www.onepetro.org/conference-paper/SPE-71653-MS


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