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Stimulation Program In High Permeability Oil Sands - Case Study (SPE 39050)


Several oilfields in southern Columbia suffered from fines migration and asphaltene deposition.  Propped fracs with 20/40 CarboLite provided superior remediation to other treatments, increasing production by 2-3 fold and adding 2.7 million barrels of oil production.  TSOs with high net pressure gave best production.


Argosy International operates several oil fields in southern Colombia, South America that were experiencing a significant decline in productivity. A study of numerous wells in these fields revealed the decrease in productivity was due to increasing skin damage near the wellbore. Lab tests and field observations indicated that fines migration and asphaltine deposition were the most likely causes. Several types of treatments were performed during a pilot program to overcome the near wellbore damage, including acid treatments, xylene treatments, clay stabilizer treatments, high pressure gas fracturing and hydraulic fracturing. The hydraulic fracture treatments provided the best results and justified the economics of implementing a major stimulation program. A total of 17 fracture treatments have been performed on 10 different wells. As a result, the productivity of the wells has increased by 2-3 fold, the total field production has increased substantially. As of February 1997 an additional 2,700,000 bbls of oil has been produced as a result of the fracturing program. The implementation of quality control and real-time analysis using a 3-Dimensional fracture model has allowed for on-site revisions of the fracture treatments. The amounts of pad and proppant volumes were optimized to achieve a proppant pack off in the fracture at the end of the flush.

Author(s): S.A. Holditch & Associates, Inc., B.M. Davidson, S.A. Holditch & Associates; V.H. Franco, S. Gonzalez, Argosy Energy International; B.M. Robinson

Paper Number: SPE 50609

URL: https://www.onepetro.org/conference-paper/SPE-39050-MS


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