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Successful Refracturing in the North Westbrook Unit (SPE 24011)


In the WestBrook Field of central Texas, Fleming reports the restimulation of 32 oil wells.  The Middle Clearfork formation is an oil-bearing dolomite at 3000 ft depth.  Larger sand (12/20 Brady) and aggressive ramps up to 14 ppg allowed twice the incremental rates of refracs performed with lower concentrations of 20/40 sand.


This paper documents the results of an active refracturing program in the North Westbrook Unit during the past two years. It was concluded that an increase in fracture conductivity could be attained by employing recent advances in hydraulic fracturing. The use of forced closure combined with the use of larger sand, more aggressive proppant schedules, and intense quality control has resulted in a significant increase in reserves through refracturing.

Author(s): M.E. Fleming, Chevron USA Inc.

Paper Number: SPE 24011

URL: https://www.onepetro.org/conference-paper/SPE-24011-MS


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