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The Application of Massive Hydraulic Fracturing to the Tight Muddy "J" Formation, Wattenberg Field, Colorado


In the very low perm Wattenberg Field (0.05 to 0.005 md), massive treatments exceeding 1 million pounds of sand were attempted.  "Proppant pillars" were attempted, with slugs of sand laden stages followed by equal sized clean fluid stages.  The largest treatments appear to be economically justified, with fracture penetration on the order of 3000 feet.  Payout improved with treatment size, and it was possible that even larger fractures would be needed.


Laboratory and field research in Colorado's Wattenberg field showed that commercial gas production was feasible from the very tight Muddy "J" formation using massive hydraulic fracturing. Results indicate that the largest treatments are economically justified in the better areas of the field.

Author(s): C.R. Fast, G.B. Holman, R.J. Covlin, Amoco Production Co.

Paper Number: SPE 5624

URL: https://www.onepetro.org/journal-paper/SPE-5624-PA


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