Site selection for minimal impact
CARBO cares about being a good neighbor in the communities where we operate and work. We focus on preserving natural screening features such as trees and hills to maintain a buffer between our facilities and their surroundings.

Low-impact mining practices and reclamation
Our mining contractors use low-impact practices and reclamation efforts to reduce the impact of our mining activities on the environment. Soil and other materials are placed in exhausted mines to re-establish its contours. Trees and other native vegetation are then planted to minimize erosion and enhance the natural appearance.

Emission control technologies
CARBO uses innovative emission control technologies such as dry sorbent injection (DSI) to control air pollutant emissions at our largest manufacturing plant in Toomsboro, Georgia. DSI has important advantages over competing technologies like wet scrubbers, which require significant quantities of water and also produce large volumes of wastewater. CARBO has reduced emissions of several pollutants with DSI by as much as 90% while at the same time preserving water resources. 

Repurposing waste material for productive use
CARBO works with its suppliers and customers to use off-specification media and waste materials responsibly. Using scrap media as fill material for roads puts a waste material to good use, keeps it out of landfills and saves valuable disposal space.

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