Near-wellbore connectivity measurement

FRACTUREVISION near-wellbore connectivity measurementThe flow of hydrocarbons into the wellbore is only possible if the wellbore is connected to the reservoir. The volume of near-wellbore proppant to a large extent, determines how much production is possible from the reservoir.

Avoid overflushing

Over flushing at the end of a stage and proppant flowback can lead to loss of near-wellbore connectivity as well as reduced conductivity, in turn reducing production and EUR.

The FRACTUREVISION service enables you to identify overflushing and to estimate near-wellbore conductivity, which allows the correlation of production to different stage intervals and perforations. The service also identifies the source of any proppant flowback, and near-wellbore connectivity measurements which can be used to indicate characteristics of an area or the formation to inform the optimization of fracture design.

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