Precise fracture geometry modeling

The FRACTUREVISION fracture evaluation service can be used to accurately measure propped fracture height, determine propped fracture length and verify whether all zones were stimulated as planned.

The service also enables you to develop an understanding of duning effects that can negatively impact proppant placement and recovery from the reservoir, and to verify the success of diversion operations.

Direct measurement of propped fracture height

Propped fracture height measurements can then be used to calibrate fracture models and optimize treatments of offset wells. The propped fracture height and approximations for fracture width allow the calculation of fracture length using the mass balance technique.

Propped fracture height measurements are particularly important where there are water bearing zones above the target formation. The propped fracture height can help to avoid the water bearing zones and any other hazards by altering the perforation spacing, as well as the amount of fluid and proppant pumped during the treatment.

The high definition measurements provided by the FRACTUREVISION service allow operators to understand near-wellbore connectivity, identify optimal perforation and stage spacing, improve completion efficiency and calibrate propped fracture network and SRV models.

Unlike far-field microseismic and tilt mapping or  temperature and sonic logs, our technology enables the direct measurement of proppant location and propped fracture height in the near-wellbore region, reducing uncertainties to a minimum.

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