Propped fracture network and SRV model calibration

The integration of proppant placement measurements obtained using our service with diagnostic technologies such as microseismic, distributed temperature sensing, distributed acoustic sensing and production logs creates an integrated solution that enables you to calibrate your fracture network and SRV models. The model calibration enables you to calculate the propped fracture network and propped SRV.

Calibrated models give you a more accurate forecast of EUR compared to microseismic evaluation that only provides information on where the formation fractured, rather than detecting where the proppant has been placed and the fracture propped. As a result, microseismic solutions only model discrete fracture networks and SRV which only tell you what fractures and volumes have fluid. Our service has advantages over evaluation techniques using fluid additives, as these only detect where the fluid went, not the proppant, and then use extrapolation to calculate fracture height.

Propped fracture illustration
Microseismic solution only model discrete fracture networks and SRV. Integration of propped height measurements enables the calculation of propped fracture network and SRV.

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