CARBOHSP high-density sintered bauxite proppant

CARBOHSP proppant has now been replaced by KRYPTOSPHERE ultra-conductive ceramic proppant technology.

KRYPTOSPHERE technology provides a significant improvement over conventional ceramic proppant, the advanced CARBO pelletizing process yields a higher conductivity, lower beta factor and lesser erosivity proppant. It is offered in two standard densities: low-density (LD) and high-density (HD).
KRYPTOSPHERE LD ultra-conductive, low-density ceramic proppant has been developed to provide the highest levels of production and recovery across a broad range of stress conditions. The technology significantly exceeds the conductivity, compressive strength and durability of existing low- and intermediate-density proppant as well as most bauxite-based proppant. Typically suitable for applications with closure stress up to 14,000 psi.
KRYPTOSPHERE HD ultra-conductive, high-density ceramic proppant has been specifically engineered for higher closure stress and risk environments, such as the ultra-deepwater regions of the Gulf of Mexico. Typically suitable for applications with close stress over 12,000 psi.
If you would like more information about the KRYPTOSPHERE platform, or require technical data sheets from the previous CARBOHSP proppant technology, please contact us

Fracture and proppant technology matrix

Overview of CARBO fracture and proppant technologies to help you build the optimal solution for your well.

Fracture and proppant technology matrix

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Fracture and proppant technology matrix

Fracture and proppant technology matrix

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