CARBONRT inert tracer technology for ceramic completed well evaluation

CARBONRT inert tracer technology enables the high definition evaluation of fractures in ceramic completed wells to help you optimize completion efficiency, production and field development.

Our unique tracer technology enables the direct measurement of near-wellbore proppant location and quantity using our FRACTUREVISION proppant-delivered fracture evaluation service.

Directly detect proppant location

The accurate measurements from the service allow the evaluation of perforation cluster efficiency and near-wellbore connectivity, which can be used to maximize estimated ultimate recovery (EUR). A precise understanding of proppant placement also supports the optimization of stage placement and proppant diversion.

Uniform tracer distribution for accurate measurements

CARBONRT technology is a proppant that is manufactured with a proprietary tracer uniformly distributed throughout each proppant grain. This assures consistent distribution of the tracer throughout the near-wellbore fracture zone, enabling more accurate measurement of proppant coverage and propped fracture height. As the tracer is integral to the proppant matrix it cannot be dissolved or washed away.

High quality measurements anytime with standard tools

Our unique technology features an inert traceable material that has a high neutron capture cross section which is detectable with a standard, cost-effective neutron logging tool run. This makes the result a direct measurement of where proppant is located, rather than an interpretation.

Detectable for the life of the well

With field-proven CARBONRT technology, there is no half-life deterioration of the detectable properties. Since the tracer is permanently identifiable, an operator has the flexibility of conducting post-fracture logging months or years after fracturing to quickly identify intervals for restimulation.

Operational and environmental advantages

Proppant enhanced with CARBONRT technology is pumped like any other and requires no special equipment, handling, training, permits or certifications. That delivers significant cost savings over other evaluation methods. The technology is also safer than particulate radioactive tracers, with no need for special handling considerations.

No impact on proppant performance or physical properties

The tracer is manufactured into the proppant matrix and represents less than 1% of the proppant chemistry, so the physical properties are almost identical and its downhole performance unaffected.

Fracture and proppant technology matrix

Overview of CARBO fracture and proppant technologies to help you build the optimal solution for your well.

Fracture and proppant technology matrix

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