Near-wellbore connectivity measurement

FRACTUREVISION proppant-delivered fracture evaluation service

To optimize the design and production from fractured wells, operators have to be able to evaluate fractures safely and efficiently at any time during the life of the well.

The more you understand about the exact placement and geometry of your fractures, the more you can refine fracture and treatment designs to stimulate wells with greater efficiency.

The service can be used evaluate ceramic and sand completed wells and is made possible our by our unique CARBONRT inert tracer technology which detects proppant placement and provides a direct measurement of propped fracture height.

The high definition measurements provided by the FRACTUREVISION service allows operators to:

These high definition measurements and insights can be used to:

  • Optimize fracture and completion design
  • Optimize well spacing
  • Calculate EUR more accurately
  • Optimize field development plans

Efficiently evaluate ceramic and sand completed wells

The service can be used to evaluate ceramic and sand completed wells, and is made possible by our unique CARBONRT inert tracer technology.

For ceramic wells our CARBONRT inert tracer technology used is manufactured into every ceramic proppant grain. For sand completed wells, CARBONRT ULTRA technology, a variant of our tracer technology specifically designed for use with sand, is used and ensures the effective detection of the tracer when blended at an engineered ratio with the non-traceable sand proppant.

Simple and completely safe

Our proppant-delivered fracture evaluation service overcomes the challenges of other evaluation techniques such as microseismic, chemical tracers and radioactive tracers, which are costly and complex to use. CARBONRT technology is not limited by any HSE requirements or half-life processes unlike radioactive tracers because the tracer is completely inert and does not deteriorate or decay over time.

Comprehensive design, execution and interpretation support

Our Production Services team support you with the integration of CARBONRT tracer technology into your ceramic or sand well fracture treatment designs to enable the FRACTUREVISION service. Our team can supervise job execution, undertake the interpretation of the neutron log data and help you to optimize your fracture and completion designs based on the measurements provided.


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