CARBOACUUCAST ceramic casting media

ACCUCAST low- and intermediate-density high-performance ceramic casting media

ACCUCAST ceramic casting media provides a unique combination of consistent thermal, physical and chemical properties. These characteristics provide economic and performance advantages compared to the various sand products used for metal casting production.

Engineered for performance

ACCUCAST ceramic media is an engineered product manufactured to provide performance that equals or significantly outperforms specialty and silica sand products. Unlike sand types such as zircon and silica, our media is inert with a non-hazardous make-up which reduces HSE concerns and associated costs. ACCUCAST is available in a range of AFS GFN sizes from 10 to 80 and can be manufactured in custom sizes based on minimum order requirements.

  • Reduced media costs – The lower density of ACCUCAST ID and ACCUCAST LD ceramic casting media provides up to 69% lower cost per cubic foot of product compared to zircon sand as less product by weight is required to create equal volume core or molds.
  • Fewer production defects – Low thermal expansion results in high quality, precision castings with reduced defects such as veining, penetration and burn-on to minimize finishing, cleaning and scrap costs.
  • Reduced media consumption – Increased strength and durability enables high media reuse and the media composition improves reclamation, which results in reduced disposal and replacement costs.
  • High media flow – High media flowability reduces energy use while increasing production cycle rates to further reduce overall production costs.

Cost/ft3 compared to Zircon Sand

Zircon graphEngineered to outperform specialty sand

ACCUCAST ceramic casting media has been engineered to have a lower density and outperform specialty sands while offering economic advantages. The media is available as four products:

ACCUCAST LD low-density ceramic casting media that provides excellent casting quality while delivering lower media and production costs.

ACCUCAST ID intermediate-density ceramic casting media that provides increased pellet strength and durability for demanding casting applications while retaining superior economic performance.

ACCUCAST CB ceramic bedding media features exceptionally round grains with a spherical shape that provides better movement and holds molds better than silica sand. Learn more

ACCUCAST LB ladle backing media increases ladle life and provides better fill than silica sand for increased support on the ladle liner. Learn more


Improved media reclamation and reduced consumption

The exceptional strength and durability of ACCUCAST media enables the reuse of media. The media composition improves product reclamation, resulting in reduced transportation, disposal and product replacement costs.

Eliminate OSHA PEL concerns

Unlike silica sand, CARBO ceramic casting media produces no respirable silica dust, so it easily complies with OSHA silica dust permissible exposure limits (PEL). Find out all the advantages of switching to ceramic casting media


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