Well performance evaluation services

Well performance evaluation services 

Our well performance evaluation services predict well performance and identify why wells are not performing as expected. These insights accelerate the development of enhanced fracture and completion designs that improve well production and economics.

Improve production and economic performance
By developing an understanding of your unique reservoir characteristics and utilizing available data we help you to efficiently develop enhanced fracture and completion designs that meet your production and economic objectives.

Our analysis enables you to evaluate the production and economic performance of your well so that you can develop the optimum strategy to exploit the potential of your reservoir

More accurate individual well models

We use available reservoir and geomechanic information to create individual well models that can be used to estimate reservoir characteristics and predict fracture characteristics such as propped length, created length, conductivity and height. We perform production and fracture pressure matching analysis that enables operators to calibrate models so that they provide more accurate production and economic forecasts.

Multi-well data analysis to discover valuable production insight
Our innovative WELLWORX well performance evaluation service provides an index of the key completion success indicators that enable our STRATAGEN or our clients’ in-house fracture engineering teams to identify sub-optimal approaches, discover new recovery opportunities and accelerate the engineering of optimal fracture and completion designs.

WELLWORX evaluations uses multi-well, data-driven linear and neural network analysis techniques to identify the critical drilling, fracturing and completion parameters that drive production in your reservoir.
Our data-driven modeling techniques can be used in both emerging and mature plays, and enable the building of models that are more useful than statistical correlations and avoid the potential for bias.

Make informed developed decisions
Reservoir modeling by our team helps you to make informed decision on your development strategy based on accurate production and economic forecasts.
We place your well and fracture architecture in the reservoir volume and perform modeling to determine production levels based on different scenarios.
By understanding the production and economic performance for your well based on reservoir characteristics allows you to truly evaluate completion and fracture effectiveness so that you can optimize completion and fracture design, and field development planning.

Our well performance evaluation services enable:

Engineered reservoir and fracture modeling

  • Calibrate reservoir and fracture models to actual well production and fracture pressures
  • Estimate reservoir and fracture characteristics

Multi-well data modeling and analysis

  • Develop predictive WELLWORX well performance evaluation models
  • Identify key production drivers

Production and economic forecasting

  • Evaluate completion and fracture effectiveness
  • Completion and fracture design optimization
  • Field development planning

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