Fracture design & evaluation services

Fracture design and evaluation services

We help to enhance well performance by ensuring each fracture achieves the optimal balance of contact and conductivity for the reservoir. We ensure that every fracture is designed based on the unique characteristics of the reservoir and address the specific stimulation, completion and production enhancement challenges of the play.

Identifying the optimal balance of contact and conductivity

Our fracture engineering team evaluate your fracture design and develop optimized fracture design based on creating the optimal balance of contact and conductivity for the reservoir that increases your return on investment.
By understanding your requirements and the reservoir we can identify whether any issues are reservoir or fracture-design related, and ensure that each fracture design meets your economic and production objectives.

Reservoir-driven fracture design evaluation

Based on an in-depth understanding of reservoir characteristics, and utilizing our STRATASHALE shale/source rock fracture design workflow, our team will efficiently identify the optimum number of stages, fracture placement and zone coverage and effectively diagnose issues.
With their extensive knowledge of fracture technologies and design, they are able to select the correct proppant and advise on how to efficiently build and maintain the required contact and conductivity for the life of the well.

Empowered by industry-leading tools

Our advisors utilize industry-leading software tools including our own FRACPRO fracture design and analysis software which features play-specific modeling tools.

Our fracture engineering is complemented by our innovative WELLWORX well performance evaluation service that can identify where wells are not performing to expectation and provides an index of key completion success indicators for the reservoir. The service accelerates the identification of optimal fracture designs and field development strategies.

Fracture design and evaluation services

  • Fracture design and engineering
  • Completion engineering support
  • Fracture diagnostics
  • Fracture and well spacing
  • Post-treatment evaluation and optimization
  • Fracture design evaluation and optimization training
  • Rock mechanics

Our team also provides acidizing and stimulation design optimization services using our STRATASTIM conventional reservoir fracture design workflow.

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