EFWORX predictive model for Eagle Ford completions

The STRATAGEN WELLWORX well performance evaluation service identifies the key completion success indicators for wells in the Eagle Ford shale to maximize economic and production performance.

Based on these indicators, we have developed the EFWORX data-driven predictive completion model specifically for the unique conditions of unconventional reservoirs in the Eagle Ford formation.

Cost-effective, data-driven answers

The EFWORX model features data-driven workflows that have no bias, so they allow for exploration and deep investigation to provide data-driven explanations of the issues and enable the evaluation of completions or stimulations based on reservoir potential.

Analyzing data from typical available, cost-effective sources, STRATAGEN is able to deploy a completion model that creates a stimulation plan with a production forecast. We can add additional data to models to determine the optimal fracture spacing for your well, which can be cross-checked against economic models. All of this can be accomplished without the expense and time of trial and error.

Key features

  • Completion benchmarking and production forecasting
  • Only requires everyday, low cost data
  • Provides an understanding of completion success indicators
  • Eliminates extraneous data capture

Clients can choose the design level needed for a particular reservoir, ranging from Basic Completion through to Comparative and Economic Impact packages.

Benefits of EFWORX

  • Improved return on completion investment
  • Better completion decisions
  • Increases completion efficiency and lowers costs
  • Clarifies focus in developing completion
  • Allows completion engineer to identify the most cost-effective design modifications

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