STRATASTIM conventional reservoir fracture design workflow

The STRATASTIM workflow develops an accurate understanding of the reservoir to improve stimulation treatments for conventional reservoirs.

Key features

  • Guides the stimulation analyst towards a unique stimulation solution
  • Provides a rigorous method to understand data that leads to better stimulation results
  • Helps the engineer select cost- effective completion methods
  • Builds database for future optimization during late life-cycle

A broad array of data is analyzed to yield critical anchor points, delivering valuable information that can be used in FRACPRO software and reservoir simulators to model the target asset’s economic performance.

Lower costs and improve performance

Our advisor use the STRATASTIM workflow to design and analyze pre-frac diagnostic tests that accurately calculate values for:

  • Reservoir permeability
  • Reservoir pressure
  • Stress environment

Solving stress and permeability issues yields more accurate projections for production improvement from different stimulation treatments. These values help determine the best treatment size and method to yield cost- effective completions.

These values help the stimulation design engineer to select the best completion and stimulation program. The optimum stimulation design is also used to develop field planning and well placement scenarios, which can lower costs as well as help with improving completion performance.


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