DIVERTAPROP composite ceramic diversion media

DIVERTAPROP composite ceramic diversion media forms dissolvable polymer matrix that isolates opened perforations, diverting fracturing fluids to non-stimulated perforation clusters, creating new fractures and ensuring more uniform stimulation coverage. The technology effectively increases contact area in the reservoir and deposits conductive ceramic particles in the fracture after the polymer has dissolved resulting in increased conductivity and EUR.


  • Composite media of ceramic particles coated with diversion agent
  • Forms a durable seal to divert hydraulic fracturing and acidizing fluids
  • Diversion agent degrades naturally and dissolves fully in aqueous fluids
  • Ceramic particles remain in the fracture creating a conduit between the propped fracture and wellbore
  • Compatible with common stimulation fluids and additives


  • Safeguards near-wellbore connectivity resulting in greater effective contact and fracture conductivity
  • Dissolves after fracture is complete and reservoir temperature is reached in wellbore
  • No formation damage or clean-up requirements
  • Environmentally acceptable and non-toxic

Assures vital near-wellbore connectivity

DIVERTAPROP media creates a temporary physical barrier when it lodges in the opened perforations and seals as the polymer matrix hydrates, softens and accumulates forming a mass. When the polymer matrix begins to dissolve, the inherent ceramic grains push through viscous gel and bridge against the proppant in the fracture ensuring near-wellbore connectivity after complete polymer dissolution. The diverting media is stable in ambient temperature water and dissolves at elevated temperature (>120°F).

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