CARBOTAG Safe, accurate and cost-effective gravel pack evaluation

CARBOTAG chemically-tagged traceable technology CARBOTAG chemically-tagged traceable technology is a patented process to add unique chemical markers—called taggants—to any CARBO proppant during manufacturing. The taggants are naturally occurring chemical markers. Since they are nonradioactive, they do not present any unique health hazards, nor any additional handling requirements. The taggants are added in trace concentrations during the manufacturing process and do not alter the physical properties or performance of the proppant. The taggant can be easily identified with routine chemical analyses of a flowback sample, including x-ray fluorescence (XRF) and inductively coupled plasma (ICP) analysis.


  • Uniform distribution of tracer within each proppant grain—not a coating—so cannot be dissolved or washed away
  • Detected using pulsed neutron logging tools run at standard speeds
  • Can be manufactured into any CARBO ceramic proppant and does not affect the physical properties
  • Taggants do not degrade over time


  • Inert, permanant tracer that is safe and environmentally friendly
  • no special equipment, handling, permits or licenses required
  • The consistent distribution of the tracer throughout the gravel pack enables a highly accurate evaluation
  • ​Does not alter the physical properties or conductivity of the proppant

Identify failed screens and gravel pack completions

Proppant with different taggants are used in each gravel pack or stage, so if any proppant with CARBOTAG technology is found in a common separation facility, the source can be easily determined to trace back to the failed screen or completion.

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