CARBOAIR high-transport, ultra low-density ceramic proppant for gravel pack applications

CARBOAIR high-transport, ultra low-density ceramic proppant technology enables operators to efficiently create a high-quality gravel pack at low fluid viscosity and pump rates.


  • Ultra low-density ceramic proppant with chemically engineered internal porosity
  • Apparent specific gravity of 2.0; approximately 25% lower than sand, resin-coated sand (RCS) or low-density ceramic (LDC)
  • Enhanced transport characteristics: 30%‑40% slower settling rates compared to sand or RCS
  • Exceeds the conductivity, strength and durability of sand
  • Available in 40/70, 30/50 and 20/40 mesh sizes


  • Minimal completion skin for increased well productivity
  • Preserves formation permeability and proppant pack conductivity
  • Enhanced proppant transport for efficient gravel pack placement
  • Enables low fluid viscosity and pump rates to be used
  • Avoids formation fracturing during gravel pack operations

Efficient gravel pack placement at low pumping pressure

The excellent proppant transport characteristics of CARBOAIR technology enables lower fluid viscosity and pump rates to be used. This allows efficient pack placement and the full packing of the annulus while avoiding fracturing the formation.

The reduced fluid viscosity and pump rates are critical in wells with low frac pressure and/or a low working window between frac pressure and formation pressure. These conditions are typical in many shallow unconsolidated formations that require gravel packing for sand control.


  • Cased hole and open hole gravel packing in vertical, deviated and horizontal wells
  • Gravel packing in low frac gradient and narrow frac formation pressure window environments
  • Multi-path screen horizontal open hole gravel pack
  • Gravel pack applications when using erosion-sensitive completion hardware

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