CARBONRT ULTRA inert tracer technology for sand completed wells

CARBONRT ULTRA inert tracer technology has been developed to enable the cost-effective fracture evaluation of sand completed wells to help you optimize completion efficiency, production and field development. The unique non-radioactive tracer (NRT) technology enables the effective detection and evaluation of near-wellbore proppant location and quantity using our FRACTUREVISION proppant-delivered fracture evaluation service at any time during the life of the well.


  • Inert, permanent tracer that is safe and environmentally friendly—no special equipment, handling, permits or licenses required
  • Tracer engineered for effective detection when blended with sand
  • Uniform distribution of tracer within each proppant grain—not a coating— can be manufactured into any CARBO ceramic proppant
  • Detected using standard neutron logging tools run at standard speeds


  • Cost-effective fracture evaluation in vertical and horizontal sand completed wells
  • Identifies the proppant coverage (stimulated interval) as well as propped fracture height
  • Tracks the amount of proppant near the wellbore so you can understand near-wellbore connectivity and perforation efficiency
  • Enables measurements to enhance fracture simulation models, treatment designs and completion efficiency
Enhanced tracer for effective detection within sand completed wells

CARBONRT ULTRA technology is a proppant that is manufactured with a variant of our unique tracer technology specifically engineered for use in sand completed wells. As the tracer is uniformly distributed throughout each proppant grain and integral to the proppant matrix it cannot be dissolved or washed away.

High quality measurements anytime with standard tools

Our unique technology features an inert traceable material that has a high neutron capture cross section which is detectable with a standard, cost-effective neutron logging tool run. This makes the result a direct measurement of where proppant is located, rather than an interpretation.

Determine propped fracture coverage and improve perforation efficiency

After fracturing it is critical to determine whether all zones have been stimulated as planned. If a particular zone is not producing, it is important to understand whether it is due to a poor reservoir quality or poor stimulation.

CARBONRT ULTRA technology can be used to evaluate how many perforations have taken proppant and been successfully stimulated in horizontal wells. In addition, the evaluation of perforations with our technology can be used to develop an understanding of duning effects.

Understand near-wellbore connectivity to avoid overflushing

 CARBONRT ULTRA technology can measure the amount of proppant that is near the wellbore to provide you with an understanding of your near-wellbore connectivity.

Identify optimal stage spacing

In both vertical and horizontal wells, CARBONRT ULTRA technology can be used to pinpoint propped stage intervals and confirm successful stimulation.

Increase fracture geometry modeling accuracy

Pressure curves and measurements of pumped proppant volumes can be recorded during stimulation. When combined with propped fracture height and open perforations, measurements obtained with CARBONRT ULTRA technology can enhance the quality of your fracture simulator model and analysis.

Fracture height is used to calibrate the stresses above and below the formation, and, when used in conjunction with a fracture model, can give an indication of hydraulic fracture geometry. 

Develop integrated solutions to calibrate propped fracture network and SRV models

The integration of proppant placement measurements obtained using CARBONRT ULTRA technology with diagnostic technologies such as microseismic, distributed temperature sensing, distributed acoustic sensing and production logs creates an integrated solution that enables you to calibrate your fracture network and SRV models. The model calibration enables you to calculate the propped fracture network and propped SRV.

Only CARBONRT ULTRA technology tracks proppant location which makes it an integral part of an integrated solution to understand where your treatment went and more importantly, why.

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