SALTGUARD proppant-delivered halite-inhibiting

Protect the entire production system from halite in a single, cost‑efficient application. Halite scaling is an increasing prevalent production impairment. Cooling and pressure drop are the major influences on precipitation of halite scale.


  • Engineered porous ceramic proppant infused with halite inhibiting chemistry
  • Durable encapsulation allows for a controlled release and significant reduction in chemical wash out
  • Low minimum inhibitor concentration (MIC) required for effective treatment
  • Effective in brines with presence of calcium and iron
  • Replaces 3% or less of pumped proppant/sand volume


  • Eliminates production loss due to halite scaling in the fracture
  • Lower MIC requirement compared to other treatments
  • Eliminates fresh water consumption and associated disposal cost
  • No impairment of fracture conductivity or durability
  • Eliminates costly remediation treatments and equipment failures, while increasing production over the life of the well

Most salt remediation treatments do not address halite scale deposits in the fracture. SALTGUARD proppant‑delivered halite‑inhibiting technology, prevents production impairment caused by halite scale deposits in the fracture through the wellbore and the surface production equipment.

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