SCALEGUARD proppant-delivered scale-inhibiting technology

SCALEGUARD proppant-delivered scale-inhibiting technology is a porous ceramic proppant engineered with an innovative controlled release technology and infused with scale-inhibiting chemicals.


  • Controlled release technology significantly lengthens treatment life and reduces initial inhibitor washout
  • Engineered ceramic proppant that provides effective chemical delivery, high fracture conductivity and strength


  • Long-term protection from a single application
  • Reduce production maintenance costs
  • No loss of conductivity or integrity

Our unique SCALEGUARD technology outperforms other production assurance treatments which can be inefficient, expensive and require to be repeated due to their short effective periods.

​SCALEGUARD technology is placed throughout the entire fracture as part of the standard fracturing process. A single treatment can be designed to safeguard the entire production system-from the fracture through the wellbore to the surface processing equipment-or the life of the well.

SCALEGUARD technology serves as both a scale inhibitor and proppant that has no impact on fracture conductivity. It does not compromise proppant pack conductivity, nor create excessive fines that restrict or block hydrocarbon flow spaces: a risk associated with lower strength particulate-based carriers.

Client Successes

Scale prevented for over two years in 150 Permian wells with a cumulative 10M bbl of produced water

SCALEGUARD technology outperforms all other scale preventative measures in the Permian

SCALEGUARD technology outperforms all other scale preventative measures in the Permian

Separators kept scale-free in well on production for over two years

SCALEGUARD tops competitors to become scale inhibitor of choice

Field trial reveals wells treated with proppant-delivered technology remain scale-free after two years

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