NANOMITE Ceramic Microproppant

The unique characteristics of NANOMITE ceramic microproppant reduces completion time, screen-out risks, and overall completion costs while improving the production contribution from all clusters and the reservoir matrix.


  • Extremely small microproppant particles
  • Broad size range for optimum operational flow and reach
  • Low settling velocity due to the wide range of particle sizes
  • Strong and durable ceramic particles


  • Increased EUR and maximize production
  • More erosive to fracture entry restrictions than 100 mesh sand
  • Superior transport characteristics to travels further into complex fracture networks
  • Props secondary and microfractures to increase long-term well productivity
  • Survives impact forces during pumping and withstands high fracture closure stresses
  • Can be added during pad stage without disrupting established routines

NANOMITE microproppant delivers numerous benefits during stimulation that increase efficiency and well productivity:

Overcomes fracture entry restrictions

Lowers high surface treating pressures

Improves cluster injection efficiency

Increases propped reservoir contact area

Increases production and recovery

Reduce completion time, screen-out risks, and overall completion costs

NANOMITE microproppant overcomes fracture entry restrictions in the perforations and near-wellbore area through erosion of restrictions and improves near-wellbore diversion resulting in reduced surface treating pressures. As a result, reduced pumping pressures can be realized, or lower pumping times are required due to increased injection rates, that lower completion time and overall completion costs. The removal of entry restrictions lowers screen-out risks.

Outperform alternative products

NANOMITE microproppant delivers, operational, performance, and cost benefi ts compared to alternative, along with minimized health concerns associated with exposure to dust.

NANOMITE microproppant is easily incorporated in stimulation treatment designs. The microproppant is pumped as the fi rst proppant in a thin fl uid system at a low slurry concentration (0.10 to 0.25 lb/gal) to maximize the depth of the microproppant penetration into the fracture.

Excellent proppant transport characteristics due to a wide range of settling velocities

NANOMITE ceramic microproppant contains a broad range of particle sizes within the 150/635 mesh (100 μm to 20 μm) range. The smallest NANOMITE particles are over five times smaller than the smallest particles in 100 mesh frac sand.

NANOMITE microproppant has superior transport and settling characteristics in thin fluid systems (freshwater or slickwater) so travel farther into complex fracture networks to release production from otherwise untapped microfractures. The average settling rate of 100 mesh sand is over twice as fast as NANOMITE particles.

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