NEUTRALWET relative permeability modification technology

NEUTRALWET relative permeability modification technology is engineered to alter the wettability of proppant to neutral, preventing the retention of waterbased fluid in the proppant pack. NEUTRALWET technology increases the effective fracture length, conductivity and permeability of the pack to hydrocarbons, leading to higher production and increased ultimate recovery.


  • Surface modification that alters the wettability of treated proppant to neutral with a contact angle ~90°
  • Coating stable up to 400°F (205°C) so suitable for most wells
  • Treated proppant compatible with fracturing fluids
  • Available as a flow enhancement to any CARBO ceramic proppant


  • Increases oil and gas production •Improves water-based fracture fluid clean-up after stimulation
  • Prevents water-based fluids from becoming trapped in pack pore throats
  • Increases effective fracture length, conductivity and permeability
  • Reduces pressure drop due to multiphase flow effects
  • Virtually eliminates capillary forces in the proppant pac
  • Increases condensate production to

Remove capillary effects

Most conventional proppant is strongly water wet, exhibiting a contact angle < 90°. This allows for easy wetting and dispersion of the water-based fracturing fluids in the fracture, causing them to become trapped in the pore throats of the proppant pack.

NEUTRALWET  technology alters the wettability of the proppant surface to neutral. This leads to a contact angle of ~90°, which virtually eliminates capillary forces that prevent water and water-based fracture fluids from becoming trapped after fracturing and during production. This leads to an increased hydrocarbon  permeability.

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