MOBILEGUARD reusable spill containment pads provide temporary, mobile protection for the environment

MOBILEGUARD pads are significantly more durable than competing spill pads made from PVC and other inferior materials. They can withstand the demanding conditions of virtually any industrial or commercial environment while still lightweight and easy to handle.

Client Success with Texas Pride Fuels

MOBILEGUARD portable spill containment provides the durability needed in daily operations. Learn more about how MOBILEGUARD prevents those drips, leaks and spills encountered day-to day from our customer, Lance Castro.

MOBILEGUARD Featured Applications

Our pads can be custom built to any size specification and can be placed under:
  • Hydraulic power units
  • Trucks
  • Gear Boxes   
  • Compressors
  • Hose pipe connections
  • Generators
  • Small tanks and vessels
  • Most equipment

MOBILEGUARD offers superior protection with minimal maintenance

MOBILEGUARD pads use our proprietary modified polyurea lining and coating technology. Our liner technology maintains impermeability and puncture resistance under exposure to harsh UV and weather extremes, resulting in long life with minimal maintenance requirements. More durable than competing products made from PVC vinyl or other materials, the liner is applied directly to the floor and foam side walls to create a seamless berm that resists blow-outs even under frequent vehicle traffic.


MOBILEGUARD by ASSETGUARD creates a seamless barrier for true protection from small leaks and spills during day-to-day operations. Watch to see how MOBILEGUARD resists blowouts under heavy vehicle traffic.



Reusable spill containment pads made from our proprietary modified polyurea lining and coating technology that outperforms competing products made from PVC vinyl or other less effective materials Learn More


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