DATASURE frac data cleansing service

Analysis of the vast amount of frac data generated every day with an ever-increasing dataset is critical to achieving better operational efficiencies, well productivity and return on investment. This valuable data resource is often unused or underutilized due to the lack of resources or expertise to cleanse the data and make ready for analysis by data scientists or engineers.


  • Determine dominant parameters that result in best ROI/NPV
  • Determine factors that have largest effect on production
  • Identify types of completions that maximize productivity
  • Discover correlations of fluid and proppant types, and volumes to productivity
  • Determine the influence of cluster and stage spacing on productivity
  • Estimate reservoir and completion efficiencies


  • Save time and money in producing clean data for machine-learning models
  • Utilize data and import into statistical models to drive completion efficiencie
  • Identify biggest return areas

Closes the gap between petrotechnical understanding and data scientists

The DATASURE service delivered by our STRATAGEN® fracture consultants harnesses the petrotechnical expertise required to understand the raw data combined with efficient frac data processing tools to accelerate the generation of analysis-ready data.

Empowers your teams to perform advanced well analysis

As part of the DATASURE service, our STRATAGEN consultants handle functional data cleaning such as

  • Mine your underutilized files and data
  • Organize cleaned data for delivery to database and analytics teams
  • Validate your data using field expertise
  • Coordinate data flow between field operations and analytics teams This allows your teams to focus on the high-value data analysis and interpretation required to optimize fracturing and well performance.

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