The world standard for fracture design and analysis tools

The FRACPRO software portfolio provides unparalleled capabilities and performance for fracture simulation and analysis. This powerful toolset helps you optimize every facet of fracture design and engineering to increase production rates, reservoir recovery and economic performance.

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Versatile FRACPRO fracture design and analysis software provides comprehensive fracture design, analysis and monitoring capabilities to optimize fracture geometry, proppant conductivity, contact area, spacing, EUR and economic performance in any formation type.


FRACPRO.AI brings you the power of real-time monitoring across all your wells with instant secure accessibility of current and historic completion-related data. Finally, you can get the data required to optimize your completion operations and designs to increase well performance


FRACPRO CONNECT onsite fracture monitoring software is optimized for frac van visual displays and provides real-time monitoring to safeguard and refine fracture execution.

The industry's most widely used fracture design and analysis software

FRACPRO software improves performance from your wells by giving you the knowledge necessary to achieve successful stimulations. Regardless of formation type, permeability or location, using FRACPRO software can lead to optimized contact area, spacing, EUR and economic performance Comprehensive modeling of any variable The first software to simulate and optimize zipper fracs 3D modeling and display Gain in-depth understanding Customize models with your real-time data

A powerful tool for fracture optimization

FRACPRO can effectively model any type of pressure stimulation job, including limited entry wells, multiple perforated intervals and horizontal well fracturing.

  • Propped fracs
  • Acid fracs
  • Horizontal wells
  • Frac packs
  • Foam fracs
  • Matrix acid

Fully integrated diagnostic tools

FRACPRO software contains four (4) fully integrated modules used for frac design, frac analysis, economic optimization and reservoir performance. It includes utilities for real-time data capture, importing and exporting data and generating output reports.

CARBO Clips: How does FRACPRO compare to other fracture simulation software?

Watch Neill Northington discuss the benefits of FRACPRO compared to other data management systems.

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Software training

Industry-acknowledged experts from CARBO lead courses designed to provide both the background fundamentals of hydraulic fracturing and hands-on software training in the design and analysis of fracture and acid treatments. These three-day courses are scheduled for mid-week to allow you time for travel and office duties. The course is limited to 15 participants and each student will need a laptop computer.

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Fracture design and analysis software improves well performance by providing the insight required to design successful stimulation programs. Learn More



FRACPRO CONNECT onsite fracture monitoring software. Learn More



The real-time frac and post-job analysis online platform. Learn More


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