FRACPRO.AI real-time frac data visualization platform

The FRACPRO.AI real time and post-job analysis online platform enables the streaming, visualization, analysis, and storage of real-time and historical hydraulic fracturing treatments. It is an easy-to-use web-based application. Clients can view jobs in real-time, as well as perform analysis on past treatments, all from their web browser.
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  • View all current treatments in real-time
  • View any historical treatments previously pumped
  • Extract source data from treatment
  • View single treatments
  • View multiple treatments
  • ​Monitor offset wells
  • Analyze Fracture-driven interactions
  • ​Analyze Log data with treatment data


  • View data from web browser, without Fracpro license
  • Store all treatments in one repository
  • Connect to statistical tools via APIs
  • Connect to well management tools via APIs
  • ​Store files, images, documents, and data in Frapro.AI
  • ​Minimize redundant email usage

Remote access to all your assets

The FRACPRO.AI platform allows the engineering team access their job data in real-time. View current and previous projects for post-job analysis at the stage, well, and pad level.

Two ways to access your data

All data in the FRACPRO.AI platform is stored and can be accessed via web-browser UI.

Additionally, it can be accessed via application programming interface (API).  FRACPRO.AI can connect to any in-house or 3rd party product for analysis on or off the FRACPRO.AI platform.

Measure the impact of your FDIs

With the additional monitoring of offset wells, FRACPRO.AI is capable of measuring the parameters of a fracture driven interaction. 

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