The STIMPRO matrix acidizing design and analysis software

The STIMPRO matrix acidizing design and analysis software enables the design, simulation and analysis of acid injection treatments below the fracture initiation pressure. It is an easy-to-use Windows-based, fully-integrated acidizing software effective for both carbonate and sandstone formations. STIMPRO is also capable of simulating acidizing in other user-defined rock formations, based on the combination of various naturally-occurring minerals to make up the unique rock type. In carbonates, an acidizing treatment is designed to dissolve the matrix, thus forming new channels (wormholes) that bypass damaged zones and provide clear flow. In sandstone, acidizing emphasizes dissolving particles that clog existing pore channels rather than creating new ones.
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  • Complete matrix acid design, simulation and scheduling
  • Real-time pressure data matching
  • Transient pressure and skin calculation
  • Comprehensive acid/additive database
  • Preloaded libraries of stimulation fluids, lithologies and formations
  • ​Capability to simulate acidizing with user-defined fluids, lithologies and formations
  • Paccaloni plots for treatment monitoring
  • Foam and filter cake modeling and scheduling​
  • Online graphics and reports include interface for production forecasting/ matching and economic analysis


  • Helps ensure effectiveness of stimulation design
  • Provides real-time analysis to allow re-design of stimulation program at any point in well life
  • Delivers continual monitoring of treatment effectiveness
  • Helps increase production flow and reduces treatment costs
  • Provides access to candidate stimulation fluids and acid/additives
  • Enables precise carbonate acidizing and wormhole modeling
  • Aids in enhancing future stimulation programs

Practical utilization of actual treatment data is easy and can be utilized during or after the job. The advantage of using actual field data is that the user gains a better understanding of the well’s response to stimulation, helping facilitate the optimization of future treatments.

STIMPRO features advanced software technology and a multi-tasking architecture that provides the user with a responsive and flexible interface. The results can be displayed while the model runs in the background, giving the ability to produce reports and plots as the job is being executed. In addition to the skin evolution generated by the STIMPRO acidizing models, the software also has the unique capacity to continually monitor and characterize the ever-changing skin factor while the job is being executed.

Operating modes

There are three main operating modes in STIMPRO:

Acidizing Design mode allows engineers to quickly and efficiently generate a treatment schedule based on what the reservoir requires. After helping the engineer choose the appropriate fluids and acids for the type of damage that exists in the reservoir, STIMPRO will generate a pump schedule based on the reservoir penetration depth specified.

Acidizing Analysis mode is used before, during, and after the job once the treatment schedule has been determined. It is intended for detailed pre-treatment design and also for real-data analysis and history matching. The real-data analysis may be either in real-time, or post-job with previously acquired treatment data.

Production Analysis mode is used to predict or history match the production behavior of wells with or without matrix acid treatments wells. In this mode, STIMPRO passes the information from its acidizing model to the reservoir simulator where the effects of changing skin on well productivity are modeled. This is essential for evaluating success of past treatments and relevant economics of future treatments.

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