Absorbent socks can be placed around anything that might leak or spill. Can also be used as a barrier to block spill expansion. Spill capacity: 1 - 3" x 24" sock absorbs 1 gallon 1 - 3" x 36" sock absorbs 1.4 gallons 1 - 3" x 40" sock absorbs 1.6 gallons


  • Made in the USA
  • Ideal for use in conjunction with the full line of ASSETGUARD environmental protection products that capture and hold spills
  • Use in a wide variety of applications: oil & gas, automotive, chemical plants, refineries, agriculture, water treatment, emergency response, military, aviation, medical—virtually anywhere liquids can be leaked or spilled


  • 4.5x more absorbent than clay products. Absorption is quicker and less material is required, producing a net cost savings
  • Won’t allow hydrocarbons or contaminates to leach out into soil or groundwater
  • Environmentally beneficial, made from 100% natural and recycled cellulose fibers
  • Unlike clay, contains no carcinogenic materials. Complies with all OSHA safety rules

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