SUMP BOX is an engineered, durable sump basin for below-grade collection of fluids

As part of a secondary containment, the SUMP BOX catch basin is an ideal vessel for capturing almost any kind of liquid-based substances. With its low-profile, high capacity design, the SUMP BOX basin protects your workspace and the environment in applications that require the containment of waste fluids. SUMP BOX creates an integrated collection point to easily pump out collected rainwater or spills.


  • Proprietary non-permeable polyurea surface with low-density EPS core
  • Better durability, thermal properties and UV resistance than HDPE products
  • Integrated strapping system provides a secure, stable installation
  • Modular design fits most rectangular and round tanks


  • Protects against freezing and evaporation
  • Panels are lighter, easier to install
  • Durable and non-permeable for low water absorption and extended use
  • Withstands weather extremes and high winds
  • Reduces algae growth and waterfowl landings

Exceptional capability is built into the SUMP BOX basin

SUMP BOX is engineered and constructed with a proprietary modified polyurea coating that provides a seamless, impermeable, maintenance-free layer of protection. Chemically inert, it resists exposure to the harshest UV, chemical and temperature extremes. 

The SUMP BOX catch basin will remain completely leakproof, even under exposure to most industrial chemicals and fluids. 

Compact, lightweight, high capacity 

The compact, lightweight SUMP BOX basin can be installed by two people. It easily fits into tight spaces, and its low profile minimizes digging and installation time. SUMP BOX comes in various capacities for numerous applications. Custom sizes are available on request.

Inside DimensionsCapacity
12" x 12" x 8"5 gallons
36" x 36" x 12"67 gallons
30" x 30" x 24"93 gallons


Integrates seamlessly with GROUNDGUARD prefabricated liner

The polyurea coating of SUMP BOX is chemically identical to our GROUNDGUARD liner. Together, they form a bonded, seamless, leakproof fluid containment system.

Easy to use and clean

A 3/16" flat steel grating keeps larger debris, trash and animals out of the catch basin. The 4" port allows easy insertion of vacuum hoses to empty the basin, and the entire grate is easily removable. The SUMP BOX basin and grate are coated with our impermeable polyurea lining, so liquid or solid materials will not stick, making it easy to clean.

Unmatched versatility

With its chemically inert lining and leakproof construction, the SUMP BOX catch basin can be used in virtually any application where liquids need to be captured and contained, such as:

  • Oil and gas wellsites
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Industrial
  • Maintenance
  • Mining
  • Municipal
  • Plumbing and sewage
  • Processing plants
  • Foundry

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