Durable, long-lasting insulation for above or in-ground water holding tanks

The AQUAGUARD maintenance-free modular water storage cover panels are engineered to provide stable, durable and long-lasting insulation for above- or in-ground water holding tanks. Engineered pad and attachment designs create a more effective barrier.

Suitable for a variety of oil & gas and industrial applications.

An AQUAGUARD modular system protects against water freezing in cold environments and evaporating in warm environments. AQUAGUARD panels are constructed with a low-density thermal EPS core encapsulated in a proprietary formulation of 60 mil polyurea. AQUAGUARD panels are available in sizes and shapes to fit virtually any rectangular or circular water storage tank. Low density and light weight make them easy to install with no special tools required. The proprietary AQUAGUARD modified polyurea coating has a proven useful life of 20+ years in grueling conditions including chemical and harsh UV exposure, making it far superior to HDPE products. Featured applications Temporary above-ground water storage tanks Rectangular or round tanks In-ground water storage tanks Custom designs available on request

From Ryan T., VP Operations, North Dakota

"As an above ground water storage tank manufacturer and contractor, I have used many of the different types of water storage covers that are out there. All of them had problems. The AQUAGUARD lid system from ASSETGUARD provided a better solution. ASSETGUARD offered me a custom designed lid system that is durable, easy to install, resistant to high winds, and provides unmatched R-value to keep water warm during the extreme winter weather in North Dakota."


Agricultural Water Management

ASSETGUARD produces a family of high-performance products that meet the rigorous requirements for canal, ditch, and pond lining applications. Learn More

Agricultural Water Management


AQUAGUARD weather-proof water storage insulation panels engineered to provide stable, durable and long-lasting insulation for water holding tanks. Learn More


ASSETGUARD polyurea eliminates leaks on salt water disposal


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